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Pay Per Call Marketing – A Model Of Paid Advertising  

Pay Per Call Marketing is a type of paid advertising where the advertisers pay money to the publishers for the good calls that they make to the advertiser.  

The advantage of this mode of campaigning is in the fact that there is more communication and interaction between the prospective customers and the merchant. This enables productive marketing leading to higher rate of investment. Conversion rates are much higher statistically with pay per call leads and with over the phone communication.  

The advertiser creates a pay per call campaign. The publisher applies to it and selects toll free numbers. The call based campaign is run. The number is seen by the prospective customer who then is tempted to make the call. The call tracking software tracks the call to the publisher and then the marketing campaign. Call is connected as per the coding to either the call centre or the advertiser.  

Each campaign is assigned with its own specifically delegated number. Tracking is easy here. If there are multiple promotional tactics, multiple numbers can be set up to track the individual modes of advertising which is why this method is quite popular. 

Commission is made to the publisher only for the qualified calls.